5 Vaccines You Should Get Soon Before The Dreaded Diseases Grab You

The Vaccine Story

Mass vaccination campaigns using the new vaccine reached nearly

Shock probably struck you in the face when you overheard two mothers gossip about their children’s vaccines, who administers which to who, and how come they memorize the names like they’re medicalmractitioners.

At one point during the bus ride, you wondered, “Did I ever get those vaccines, too?” So you frantically called your mom and asked her. Sadly, the only thing she said was, “Hun, I don’t remember anymore. Please request a copy of your medical records.”

You called your family doctor’s number and was routed to the Office Manager. She remembers you because your mom has apparently called her earlier, worried sick as usual. She advised your medical records should be released within 48 hours and told you this: “There are some vaccines you need to get as an adult. If you missed some dose, you need to get them soon.”

Kudos to your eavesdropping, you got yourself a blessing-in-disguise. Let me help you, here are some of the vaccines Ms. Office Manager might tell you about once you see her.

The Vaccine List

1. Flu Vaccine


This shot is ideally once a year, badly needed from September to May. The sooner you get it, the better.

2. Pneumococcal Vaccine


This dose serves as a defense for pneumonia, blood infections, and bacterial meningitis. There are two types of this vaccine which you’ll need by the age of 65. For younger people at a high risk of pneumonia, such as those who smoke or have asthma, you’ll need both shots, too.

3. Hepatitis A


This one’s tricky and a little controversial. If you’re in a high-risk community, have a long-term liver disease or HIV, or use blood products for blood clotting, you need to get a shot soon. No offense to the LGBT community, if you are a man who is sexually active with another man, darling, you need to get this ASAP.

4. Hepatitis B


Same rules as Hepa-A apply. Additional risks requiring a shot include:

• Diabetes, advanced kidney disease or dialysis
• Living in the same house with a Hepa-B patient
• Having sex with more than one partner
• Being in prison or victims of sexual assault or abuse

5. HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Vaccine


If you’re below 26 years of age and haven’t received this shot when you were younger, please get one soon. This vaccine is ideally received before having your first sexual intercourse.

These are just some vaccines you need to get. Please confirm with your medical provider if you need another shot. Please entrust this to a professional and never attempt to self-administer to cut costs.

4 Home Remedies to Try First Before Drinking Any Medicine

Are you that type who promptly buys over-the-counter medications when you’re under the weather? Or grabs your medicine kit right away when you feel sick? Do you hate feeling ill so much you take drugs right away?

We encourage our readers to take action on their health immediately. However, we do not push them to become drug-dependent, no matter how safe a medication is. Sometimes, it’s better to go green.
Here are some remedies you can try first before popping that pill.



• Hydrate with warm water mixed with honey.
• Avoid exposure or inhaling cold air from air-conditioned areas or outside.
• Rest in a room where it is just warm enough to keep you comfortable and where you can turn a humidifier on to ease congestion and dryness of throat.
• Have a roll of tissue nearby to blow your nose when the need arises quickly.

Sore Throat


• Rest your voice and avoid unnecessary talking.
• Hydrate and keep your throat moist with warm water, broth, or honey.
• Frequently drink cold caffeine-free fluids to relieve soreness.
• Gargle with a saltwater solution.
• Try to humidify the air to keep your throat moist.

Dry Unproductive Cough


• Take a tablespoon of raw honey two to three times a day. Honey’s antibacterial properties are known to soothe throat and membrane irritation.
• Milk or lemon juice with honey also comes as a good combination when served warm.



• Wear light clothing to avoid trapping the heat within layers of clothes.
• Even if you feel cold, try to wipe your limbs with a damp cloth and place it on your forehead while you rest. Your body needs to exhale that high temperature, too.
• Hydrate with refreshing caffeine-free drinks. Preferably, drink citrus-rich juices to help combat any infection.
• Rest in a well-ventilated area.
• Monitor your temperature every 2-4 hours to check any progress.

These are very natural remedies to follow. If you prefer to take any OTCs, that’s fine, too. However, we recommend you try these methods from time to time. We don’t want your bodies to depend on medications all the time.

If symptoms persist, you know what to do. Call the doctor or go to any outpatient clinic near you.


3 Quick and Healthy Snacks to Start Your Day

Preparing healthy food doesn’t have to take much time. While there are a lot more complicated organic diets that can spell fitness for us, eating right can be as easy as 1-2-3.

We’ve prepared you a cheat sheet today of three healthy recipes you can do easily at home. We’ll have more next time.

Hearty Tuna Spread


This recipe is very straightforward to make using only four ingredients found in most pantries: oil packed tuna bits, one whole red onion, mayonnaise, and cheese.

Start by slicing the onion into small pieces and place it in a regular sized bowl. Drain the oil from the can of tuna and add to the bowl. Grate your desired amount of cheese over it and, finally, add 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise. Mix them all together and serve with loaves of bread. You can also add black ground pepper or chili powder to spice this spread up.

Simple Caesar Salad


With this dish, you can use either Romaine, Iceberg, or Loose-leaf Lettuce. Other ingredients include regular Ceasar salad dressing, crab sticks, corn kernels, crouton, and Parmesan cheese. To proceed, you can either tear the lettuce leaves by hand or cut with a knife. Place them in a bowl along with a cup of corn kernels and crouton. Slice the crab sticks into thinner pieces and add to the bowl. Pour in some dressing and top it with Parmesan cheese.

Optionally you can cook the crouton on low heat over salted butter and add cherry tomatoes for a more flavorful experience.

Classic Egg Salad / Sandwich


Egg salads have been part of every household as one of the easiest, healthiest and cheapest snacks. Essential ingredients such as eggs, spring onion, mayonnaise, and crushed black pepper complete this treat.

Start by hard boiling 2-3 whole eggs, peeled and chopped afterward. In a bowl, mix the chopped eggs, 1/4 spring onion, 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise, and a pinch of black pepper all together. Add a pinch of salt to taste. You can also add Iceberg lettuce and use the salad as a spread.

If you got hungry as much as I did, grab yourself any of these easy, healthy recipes.