4 Home Remedies to Try First Before Drinking Any Medicine

Are you that type who promptly buys over-the-counter medications when you’re under the weather? Or grabs your medicine kit right away when you feel sick? Do you hate feeling ill so much you take drugs right away?

We encourage our readers to take action on their health immediately. However, we do not push them to become drug-dependent, no matter how safe a medication is. Sometimes, it’s better to go green.
Here are some remedies you can try first before popping that pill.



• Hydrate with warm water mixed with honey.
• Avoid exposure or inhaling cold air from air-conditioned areas or outside.
• Rest in a room where it is just warm enough to keep you comfortable and where you can turn a humidifier on to ease congestion and dryness of throat.
• Have a roll of tissue nearby to blow your nose when the need arises quickly.

Sore Throat


• Rest your voice and avoid unnecessary talking.
• Hydrate and keep your throat moist with warm water, broth, or honey.
• Frequently drink cold caffeine-free fluids to relieve soreness.
• Gargle with a saltwater solution.
• Try to humidify the air to keep your throat moist.

Dry Unproductive Cough


• Take a tablespoon of raw honey two to three times a day. Honey’s antibacterial properties are known to soothe throat and membrane irritation.
• Milk or lemon juice with honey also comes as a good combination when served warm.



• Wear light clothing to avoid trapping the heat within layers of clothes.
• Even if you feel cold, try to wipe your limbs with a damp cloth and place it on your forehead while you rest. Your body needs to exhale that high temperature, too.
• Hydrate with refreshing caffeine-free drinks. Preferably, drink citrus-rich juices to help combat any infection.
• Rest in a well-ventilated area.
• Monitor your temperature every 2-4 hours to check any progress.

These are very natural remedies to follow. If you prefer to take any OTCs, that’s fine, too. However, we recommend you try these methods from time to time. We don’t want your bodies to depend on medications all the time.

If symptoms persist, you know what to do. Call the doctor or go to any outpatient clinic near you.


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