iWatch Apps that fit in with your healthy lifestyle

iWatch Apps that fit in with your healthy lifestyle

iWatch Apps that fit in with your healthy lifestyle

Long gone are the days when you would only wear a watch to tell the time or as a statement of fashion. In this day and age, if your time piece cannot forecast the weather or monitor your pulse, you won’t be considered one of the cool kids. The apple iWatch 2 is the newer version of its same named predecessor but this version comes a new operating system and subsequently an influx of new and innovative apps, some of these apps aid you in sleeping, some keep you entertained whilst travelling and some of course are cutting edge in fitness technology. Some are good, some not much. Let’s take a look at a few.


Lose it, like Sleep++ is one of those apps that should be perfect for the Apple watch as it can use features just not designed for the mobile device. Abundant in useful features the app counts calories, counts steps and even reminds you to log your food in conjunction with an app on your phone. That in itself is one of its biggest advantages, how easy it can integrate with other apps such as myFitness and RunKeeper so you can really get a grasp of your body performance and nutrition. It’s hard to find any flaws with it as it does exactly what it advertises without over complicating things. There could be an argument that it could add a few more features being one of the fitness leaders but that’s just being picky.


Let’s go back to basics where the Watch really is very useful. Clear, quite simply is a To-Do list app, but although the functionality required is simple, it does what is intends to do very well, arguably better than all of it’s competitors on the app store. One of it’s biggest pros is its aesthetic, beautiful colours popping off that high resolution screen make the user just that bit more motivated to be able to tick off their task. Not only can you view, what is left on your itinerary, you can add tasks, set reminders and say when a task is completed. Again for some people, this might be a bit too simple, but for most, this is guaranteed to be perfect for the job at hand.


This is the type of app that people predicted would be most likely to succeed on the Apple Watch. When the user keeps the watch on at night the app will monitor how ‘well’ he or she slept. In the morning the app will report back to you how deep or light your sleep was and how many times you were restless or awoke. Of course there is problems that come with this, does the user really want to keep a fairly chunky wrist piece on when they go to sleep? And if so they will most likely need to put the device on charge as soon as they awake as the app can be pretty battery intensive. If the user is ok with these conditions then they can get some informative feedback about their sleep, however if they are truly serious about statistics about how well they drop off, maybe a specific sleep band such as the Jawbone UP3 is a better option.


It’s still quite a cool sight to see the small crisp screen of a watch as a viewfinder for your phone. We’ve all been in that position where we have wanted to take a picture of something but maybe in a more discreet way, now you can just look at your wrist whilst you get that crazy angle selfie. This app is so useful because it offers so many more features than the standard Apple version such as low light mode, ease of video and timer settings too. However $2.99 probably is a bit steep for just an improved version of the original, and how useful is it really when you already have the viewfinder of your phone to take photos? That depends on how awkward those selfie angles are going to be.


You may have heard of this little app called Instagram but unlike other social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, Instagram really excels on the small screen. Although it does have limited features compared to it’s computer and mobile counterparts, for example you cannot take or upload pictures via the watch, what you can do is see a condensed version of your followed feed. A lot of the mainstream apps simply do not translate to the Apple Watch, but Instagram has found a way accentuating the basics such as viewing photos, liking them and viewing the data that goes with the photo. What’s more is if you come across a feature not compatible with the watch, with one swipe you can access it on your phone, simple!

So, that is an overview of some of the more notorious apps in a sea of never ending competitors. It is fair to say that there was quite an underwhelming response to the first Apple Watch, but it seems that developers are finally seeing what works and what doesn’t when translated to the smaller screen and that is promising. As with most things, it all comes down to the user, some prefer minimalism with the app doing just as it is needed, whereas some people prefer an app to be extremely functional, with the majority of apps being free, it’s worth it for a user to spend some time trying and testing apps to understand themselves, what they prefer.



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